27 April 2011

Favorite Seattle Bites, Part II

Hope you enjoyed Part I.  Part II comes from the recently released Casa Fiore #59, April-May 2011.  Enjoy!

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More Favorite Seattle Bites

Who said you couldn’t find good eats in the NE?  Here’s another dip into my list of faves.

· Bacon Popcorn.  Just really over-the-top stuff. Heart-stopping hedonism at happy hour at Frank’s Oysterhouse and Champagne Parlor (NE 55th near U-Village) never tasted so good. 
· Mamma Melina’s Pizza Margherita.  In a pizza-crazed town, there’s a pie that’s quietly among the best, and it can be found at Mamma Melina (25th NE near U-Village). Try a happy hour two-step—popcorn at Frank’s, then $6 pizza at Mamma’s.
· A different kind of doughnut.  50 North (25th NE near U-Village), the new sister restaurant of Vashon’s ever popular Hardware Store, features new Americana flavor. Go for breakfast and order these French crueler-like affairs—deep-fried, light, and eggy cream puff shells with a sugary glaze.
· Top Pot.  Speaking of donuts, it’s hard to tire of the retro style and fancy confections of this now iconic Seattle franchise. (35th NE and other locales)