27 April 2011

Favorite Seattle Bites, Part II

Hope you enjoyed Part I.  Part II comes from the recently released Casa Fiore #59, April-May 2011.  Enjoy!

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More Favorite Seattle Bites

Who said you couldn’t find good eats in the NE?  Here’s another dip into my list of faves.

· Bacon Popcorn.  Just really over-the-top stuff. Heart-stopping hedonism at happy hour at Frank’s Oysterhouse and Champagne Parlor (NE 55th near U-Village) never tasted so good. 
· Mamma Melina’s Pizza Margherita.  In a pizza-crazed town, there’s a pie that’s quietly among the best, and it can be found at Mamma Melina (25th NE near U-Village). Try a happy hour two-step—popcorn at Frank’s, then $6 pizza at Mamma’s.
· A different kind of doughnut.  50 North (25th NE near U-Village), the new sister restaurant of Vashon’s ever popular Hardware Store, features new Americana flavor. Go for breakfast and order these French crueler-like affairs—deep-fried, light, and eggy cream puff shells with a sugary glaze.
· Top Pot.  Speaking of donuts, it’s hard to tire of the retro style and fancy confections of this now iconic Seattle franchise. (35th NE and other locales)

25 April 2011

Favorite Seattle Bites, Part I

This article comes from Casa Fiore #58, March 2011.  It's a heavenly list heavy on sweets in and around Capitol Hill.  Stay tuned for Part II, where we discovery faves from NE Seattle!
From the Local…
Be a Tourist in Your Own Town!

Favorite Seattle Bites

Get out and enjoy some of the best eats in the country!

· El Diablo.  There are many things to love about Tango (corner of Pine and Boren).  But you’ll never get tired of their sinful combo if chocolate mousse, burnt meringue, tequila caramel, chocolate nibs and cayenne.  Wow...
· Banana Cake with Savory Coconut Sauce.  Monsoon (19th Avenue East on Capitol Hill) is our date night old-standby.  At meal’s end, the-chicken-vs.-the-egg discussion arises:  which is more mind-blowing, the moist goodness of the banana cake or the sublime, savory coconut sauce?
· Salted Caramel.  That’s my favorite flavor at can’t- miss Molly Moon’s (Wallingford & Capitol Hill). 
· Triple Chocolate Cookie.  Seattle has a hip new spot or food trend every week.  But Grand Central Bakery (Eastlake) is like a forgotten treasure, serving up fantastic fare for years and years.  From time-to-time I treat myself to one of these heart-stoppingly good cookies, but it’s all great at GCB!