20lb. Gumball Reunion Gig - March 18th, 5pm

Fiore and Joe and Chip and Mark are back as 
Back in the '90s when Grunge was King and dark and gloom was cool, I was in a happy, sappy, tongue-in-check, melodic rock band called 20lb. Gumball.  Yea, the timing was a bit off, but we sure had a lot of fun.  Given today's trends in pop music, we thought we'd reunite after a 10-year hiatus.  Who knows, maybe we'll be a hit this time around...

Please join us for ONE NIGHT ONLY at the Skylark Cafe.  All your old friends will be on hand... "Wonder Sluggy", "Ramtha", "Catapilla Queen",  "Light-head", "Mr. Rotary Phone Man", "Baby Tummy Talks", and more...

When:  Sunday, March 18th, 5pm, in a double bill with Pudding, led by 13-year-old grunge virtuoso Lake City Joe.

What:  Big Rock Show.   This is an all-ages event, so bring the little ones and some ear plugs.  Good drinks and beers on tap and tasty eats available. 

Link to Skylark Cafe:   http://www.skylarkcafe.com/calendar.html