04 March 2014

From the Realtor ~ What's the True Value of an Experienced Realtor

I love that old saying, "This is not my first rodeo."  And now, in my 11th year in real estate, I have license to say that.  I really enjoy all aspects of this job:  analyzing the value of homes and neighborhoods, tweaking contracts, negotiating for the interests of my sellers and buyers, and most of all, helping my awesome clients get to the next space and next step in their lives.  More importantly, however, I've been seasoned by the various swings in the market:  I started in real estate during a balanced market, thrived during the big boom, honed my craft during the long, four-year bust, and now I am busier than ever during our recent resurgence.  From all of this I've learned that experience is paramount in real estate.  What's the value of hiring a veteran, expert Realtor when it comes time to entering the real estate market?  Don't let me try to convince you, check out the Wall Street Journal article below.  It turns out that there is quite a difference, both monetarily and experientially, when working with an agent who really knows how to ride the bull.  Yee haw! 

Wall Street Journal:  The Price of Real-Estate Experience:  $25,000

Here is another link to a Realtor.com which describes the advantages of working with a Realtor.

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