01 November 2016

What are Built Green Homes? A Primer on Sustainability

As2016 Listing Agent of the Year for Built Green, I'd like to give you an overview of what it means for a home to be sustainably "Built Green".  Please let me know if ever I can help you in any way!!

Did you know that 30% of homes built in King and Snohomish County are now Built Green?  Homes that are Built Green are more sustainable, more comfortable and more efficient (ie:  less expensive and wasteful from a utility bill perspective) than homes built to code requirements from any era. Taken from the Master Builders Association web site, 

"The Master Builders Association established Built Green as an environmentally friendly green building certification program to set standards of excellence that can make a significant impact on housing, health and the environment."

These standards of excellence can be summed up in the following five categories:
Green Codes
Site and Water
Energy Efficiency
Indoor Air Quality
Material Selection

Visit www.BuiltGreen.net to learn more!

Here is a look at sustainably built homes I have listed in 2016.

Dep City 15 at 16th and Yesler by Dep Homes
***Winner of Green Genius Award as a Builder***
Final 10 of 15 homes near the First Hill Streetcar
4-Star Built Green

Rare 5-Star Custom Wedgwood Home
Designed by Malbouf Bowie Architecture
***Winner of Green Genius Award for Remodel Builder***
Built by Ulric Dihle

Four Detached Town Homes by Barcelo Homes on North Beacon Hill
4-Star Built Green
(All sold in presale, so photos unavailable!)

Three North Beacon Hill Row Houses by Barcelo Homes
4-Star Built Green

Other Sustainably Built Homes

"Passive Palatine", an award-winning Passive House in Greenwood 
Designed and built by Malbouf Bowie Architecture 

Modern Home in North Admiral by Maston Properties and Construction
Targeting 4-Star Built Green Certification (in process)

Quartet of Homes by Maston Properties and Construction 
In Shoreline and Edmonds built using 4-Star Built Green Practices

Other Listings to Date - Each with Their Own Story!

Ballard "Loft" House

Greenwood Home with Accessory Dwelling Unit

Darling Pinehurst Bungalow

Lake Washington Expansive View Home

North Seattle Remodel

8th Hole at Inglewood

Convenient Maple Leaf Condo

Stylish Madison Valley Town Home

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