09 September 2011

From the Chef ~ No-kneed Bread

This bread is hot, hot, hot in my kitchen right now!  Love this stuff!  Recipe and video links below.  Don't sweat the details, this is REALLY easy and REALLY addictive.  It takes me literally 5-6 minutes to mix the dough, then very little time preparing the rest.  Once your get the timing down, this is so simple and satisfying. You can play around with it a bit:  I just used semolina flour to heavily flour the towel in the recipe below and loved the resulting extra crunch in the crust.  I have used tipo 00 flour, the flour commonly used in Italy for pizza, bread and pasta, with a lot of success; I think it makes the chewy part a bit chewer and the crust a bit crustier.  I also just made a 50/50 mix of standard flour and semolina flour, which resulted in a more substantial loaf.  Remember that every oven seems to cook differently; my gas oven seems to cook cooler, so I have mine set to 500 degrees and 70 minutes.  Let me know how it goes and enjoy!



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