03 December 2014

From the Chef ~ Giovanina's Cartellate

After the Feast of the Seven Fishes, this is my dream platter of Christmas Eve sweets! Chocolate and almond stuffed figs, deep fried zeppole, and my very favorite, cartellate drenched in honey (bottom left)—all from the hands of sweet Giovanina Buono, who will be dearly missed this Christmas Eve. Problem is, like so many classics from the home kitchen, there was no written recipe and no one quite knows how she made her beautiful cartellate. Certainly, you will not find these at ANY bakery anywhere, so it’s now up to you and I to continue this tradition. Below is a rendition from CookingWithNonna.com that I will try. For a visual, check out this great how-to demonstration at CasaFioreOnline.com

Thank you, sweet Giovanina! This Christmas Vigil is for you!

1. In a standing mixer, combine 1¾ dry white wine with ½ cup olive oil. Add 2 lbs. flour and mix until dough is firm.
2. Cut a handful of dough and pass through a manual pasta machine set at 3 until you have a long, flat strip of dough about 3” wide and 10” long. Lay strip on wood cutting board and cut into 1” wide strips with a ravioli cutter.
3. Roll up strip into a pinwheel shape and press end of strip so it is secure.  Repeat with all remaining dough.
4. Fry all cartellate in olive oil until they are lightly golden.
5. Heat 2 cups vin cotto or honey in a pan. Dip each cartellate until completely covered. Drain any excess vin cotto or honey and place on a platter for serving. Enjoy!

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  1. We really miss Giovanna's treats along with Nico's Fried smelt and giant meatballs!